Laboratory: About, Vision and Mission

This laboratory was established by INCI AKU to examine state of charge and state of health of both lead acid and Lithium ion batteries as well as to do battery charge and discharge tests under related test standards.

Laboratory Facilities

  • Greenlight 600A – 100V electronic controlled load with impedance spectroscopy ability.
  • Gamry 30K Booster
  • Gamry Interface 1000 Electrochemical Spectrometer
  • MTI Lab 0.1mA to 10mA 8 channel battery tester
  • Nüve ES120 Incubator (-20 + 60oC)
  • 48V – 50A charge discharge cycler
  • Li-Ion and lead acid batteries (at various power and sizes)
  • Multimeter, Oscilloscope

Laboratory Researches

  • Analyzing batteries with different electrochemical ingredients and or production techniques with EIS measurements.
  • Experimantal studies on batteries about SOC and SOH determination.
  • R&D studies about new energy storage technologies

Laboratory Projects 

  • San-Tez 00552.STZ.2010-1 “SOC and SOH Measurements based on EIS”
  • Tübitak 1511 “3Ah Li-Ion cell manufacturing for high power high energy applications”

Laboratory Achievements (thesis, products, methods)

Can Aksakal, On The Compatibility of EEC Models for EFB Based on Impedance Spectroscopy , PhD Thesis, İ.T.Ü. Energy Institute, 2018.

Laboratory Publications

  • Aksakal, C., Sisman, A., (2018). On the Compatibility of Electric Equivalent Circuit Models for Enhanced Flooded Lead Acid Batteries Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Energies. 11(1), 118.
  • Aksakal, C., Sisman, A., A Hybrid Methodology to predict SOC and SOH of Lead Acid Batteries Based on EIS Techniques, 9th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries LABAT 2014 / Bulgaria.