Purposes of Energy Institute ICC;

  • Training people with the qualifications needed by the energy sector,

  • Solving technical problems of the sector via R&D, product development and development applications,

  • Ensuring effective cooperation between the university and the sector by receiving suggestions, criticisms and contributions from the sector regarding the activities of the ITU Energy Institute.

For these purposes the Institute declares,

  • To organize ICC meetings once a year,

  • To evaluate suggestions, opinions and criticisms, conveyed to the Institute by the organization at the ICC meetings,

  • To direct research groups, researchers and/or thesis students regarding R&D / P&D / Development applications' problems submitted to the Institute by the organization to work on these problems within the framework of confidentiality agreements,

  • To receive opinions and suggestions of the organization on updating the graduate program, developing new course proposals and designing new programs.

Organization on the other hand declares,

  • Participating in ICC meetings organized by the ITU Energy Institute through its representatives,

  • To convey their opinions, suggestions and criticisms to the Institute in line with the purposes of ICC,

  • To propose R&D/P&D/Development applications' problems on the subject and content it deems appropriate to the Institute as thesis and/or research topics within the framework of the confidentiality agreement,

  • The graduate program to convey its opinions and suggestions about new courses and programs to the Institute.