İstanbul Technical University, Energy Institute and ITAP signed an MoU for the establishment of an international platform for research and research training. The project entitled “International Research Platform on Quantum Technologies in Energy” is planned to operate on inter-university and international levels.

The project is focused on advanced researches in the areas of new energy storage and/or energy conversion technologies which are closely related with fundamental and applied sciences at the nanoscopic and mesoscopic scales. The platform will also be in close collaboration with a large number of national and international R&D companies especially in the Energy Technopark of Istanbul Technical University.

In addition to the research efforts in these fields, the platform is planned to create a mobility of senior and young researchers, postdocs and students. The platform, using ITU and ITAP's Marmaris campuses, will also organize international summer schools, workshops and conferences that have been successfully run by ITAP since 2006 under the general title of International Advanced Research School (IARS).

The international platform which will be steered by a scientific consortium formed by researchers in national universities will also spend effort in finding, tracing and training especially talented national and international students as well as design outreach activities for the pre-university students and the society in collaboration with ITAP's Physics Olympiad School and Center for Science and Society.