Main Research Interests

Breakwater-type wave energy systems development ,
Determination of the wave energy potential in Turkey,
Caisson-type wave energy systems,
Oscillating wave energy systems,
Determination of the energy potential of the currents at Turkey coast 

WOCER'in Amacı

Renewable Energy Resources play a significant role to meet the World Energy demand. Since the %70 amount of Earth surface is covered by sea, they are the World’s largest energy storage areas and production sources. This energy is constantly being renewed and even a small amount from the sea is quite enough to meet the World’s energy demand. The Wave Energy is either having a big potential among the other energy resources, has also many advantages. Recent developments revealed the Wave Energy has a feasible potential as well as research and developments on the implementations are still in progress. The aim of the WOCER is, to bring out the principle and basic information for further implementations of the Energy in the sea, which will become one of the most important energy resource for our country in the near future.

Last Updated: 12.12.2013