Laboratory: About, Vision and Mission

This laboratory was established by INCI AKU to examine charge and discharge tests for electrochemical energy storage systems under related test standards.

Laboratory Facilities

  • MTI Lab 0.1mA to 10mA 8 channel battery tester

Laboratory Researches

  • Analyzing batteries with different electrochemical ingredients and or production techniques with EIS measurements.
  • R&D studies about new energy storage technologies

Laboratory Projects 

  • San-Tez 00552.STZ.2010-1 “SOC and SOH Measurements based on EIS”
  • Tübitak 1511 “3Ah Li-Ion cell manufacturing for high power high energy applications”

Laboratory Achievements (thesis, products, methods)

Can Aksakal, On The Compatibility of EEC Models for EFB Based on Impedance Spectroscopy , PhD Thesis, İ.T.Ü. Energy Institute, 2018.

Laboratory Publications

  • Aksakal, C., Sisman, A., (2018). On the Compatibility of Electric Equivalent Circuit Models for Enhanced Flooded Lead Acid Batteries Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Energies. 11(1), 118.
  • Aksakal, C., Sisman, A., A Hybrid Methodology to predict SOC and SOH of Lead Acid Batteries Based on EIS Techniques, 9th International Conference on Lead-Acid Batteries LABAT 2014 / Bulgaria.

Laboratory Staff

Title- Name-SurnameRole and ResponsibilityE-mail / Phone
Prof. Dr. Nilgün Karatepe YavuzLaboratory / 0212 285 3940
Res. Asst. Şura AtmacaLaboratory / 0212 285 3342