Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Laboratory (DSROL) was established to conduct training, research, and application studies with gamma radioactivity measurements. Radioactivity of radionuclides in materials is determined with low-level gamma radiation measurement systems.

Research Areas

  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of the amount of natural and artificial radioactivity in environmental samples (rock, soil, sediment, etc.), industrial products (metal, plastic, etc.), plants, foods (canned food, tomato paste, tea, etc.), biological samples, air, and water,
  • Examination of soil erosion, investigation of sedimentation processes, research on climate change, drought, flooding, lake, and sea, ecosystem modeling in coastal areas by measurements of radioisotopes of 137Cs, 210Pb, and 7Be,
  • Observation of environmental radioactive pollution with bio-indicators and bio-monitors,
  • Examination of various environmental problems related to radiation,
  • Radioactivity analysis service for the imported and exported materials or radiation certificate on request.

Laboratory Equipment and Software

The laboratory, which has air conditioning consisting of fresh air inlet and outlet, dust-free environment, and uninterrupted power supply, has the following equipment:

  • High Purity Germanium Detector (HpGe) (ORTEC Model GMX 45P4-PLB-S GAMMA-X HPGe Coaxial Detector)
  • Detector Lead Shield (ORTEC Model HPLBS1F Lead Shield For CFG-PV4)
  • Digital Spectrometry (ORTEC Model DSPEC-JR-2,0-NEGGE, DSPEC JR 2,0 with MAESTRO-32)
  • Software for High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Measurements, Analyzes, and Reports (ORTEC Model A66-B32 GAMMA VISION-32 Gamma-Ray HPGe Spectral Analyzer)


Laboratory Staff

Title- Name-SurnameRole and ResponsibilityE-mail / Phone
Prof. Dr. İskender A. ReyhancanLaboratory Directoriareyhancan@itu.edu.tr / +90 212 285 3884
Res. Asst. Onur ErbayLaboratory Assistanterbayo@itu.edu.tr / +90 212 285 7393