Group Members

Burak Barutçu,  Assist. Prof. Dr.
Fatih Zehir Öztürk,  Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Sevan Karabetoğlu, Assist. Prof. Dr.

Main Research Interests

Heat Pumps
Thermoelectric generators & Direct energy conversion,
Theoretical and experimental characterization of batteries,
Energy storage and power generation based on cryogenic liquids

Mission of NET-RG

New Energy Technologies Research Group (NET-RG); aims to develop alternative technologies for energy conversion and storage processes, which has some advantages over the conventional technologies. NET-RG; proposes to contribute to the developement of new technological devices.

In this perspective, NET-RG conducts the theoretical and applied research and development studies about heat pumps, thermoelectrics and battery management systems. The group has common projects with the industrial sector.